Ramadan is coming to an end, and Hari Raya is a mere couple of hours away. Your family is excited, they are all packed up into the family car and you’re about to set off to your beautiful hometown with the late Sudirman’s ‘Balik Kampung’ tune blaring on the speakers. Hold it right there! Before your car’s wheel turns even a little, here are 5 things you must check before embarking on your drive.


 1. Oiled up

Your car’s engine oil needs to be at the right level. If your car has not been serviced then there are chances that the oil level has dropped. Get it checked or you could be giving a huge 4 digit sum to your local garage as ‘Duit Raya’ for repairs. Also, virgin olive oil is also a bad idea, so be sure to consult an expert.


 2. Keep the car hydrated

The cooling system’s water level must be topped up to ensure there’s enough water circulating in the system. You can check that by inspecting the reservoir tank in your engine, so do not be afraid to break out the engine manual.


 3. Tyre Pressure is pleasure

Under inflated tyres could cause premature wear and on long journeys could also cause a blowout. So be sure you check your tyre pressure before you set off. You can reference your tyre pressure on the door sill of your car, either on the driver side or passenger side depending on your car.


 4. Spare some time

While checking the tyre pressure of the 4 wheels in your car, be sure to also check the tyre pressure of your spare wheel. Because nothing kills the holiday mood more effectively when you have a puncture in the middle of nowhere and realize your spare wheel is also as flat as a pasar Ramadan murtabak.


 5. Tools for the job

The last and the most essential part is to make sure that you have the right tools in your car. Simple tools like a tyre wrench, lock nut, and your car jack would be essential in changing your tyre. You could go a step further and pack in a warning triangle (instead of placing a tree branch down the road) and even a small fire extinguisher. If not for you it could be helpful for someone else on the road.


Only once you tick these 5 boxes can you commence on your Balik Kampung journey. If you feel like some of the tasks mentioned here more complicated than your handy skills can cope, then get an expert to help you. Experts like the guys at MisterTyre. Download their app today and get them to give your car a once over so your family and you can have a pleasant balik kampung journey this Hari Raya!