A vehicle service is very important and it is the most basic routine maintenance one has to do with his/her vehicle. But what exactly needs to be done during your vehicle service? Here are 5 things that needs to be done right during a regular maintenance service to ensure your car stays in perfect running condition and does not incur expensive repair bills in the long run, or worse, breaks down on you.

1. Oil it up well

Every modern day car has specific engine oils designed for it. Something like a matching blood type, you cannot use just any engine oil for your car. Even if the brand is the same, engine oil manufacturers produce variations to meet each car manufacturer’s standards. Making sure you use the right type of engine oil will ensure your car runs well and help preserve the life of all the mechanical parts.

2. Filter what goes in

Your car comes with a variety of filters. Oil filters are the mandatory at each oil change but you will also need to have a look at the other filters such as the pollen or air-conditioning filter and air filter. Air filters help your engine breath well, while your pollen filter ensures the air coming out of your air-conditioning system is fresh. Think of it as cleaning your ceiling fan or kitchen hood, the filters can get disgusting after a while.

3. Keep cool at all times

Coolant is a liquid that is placed in your engine’s cooling system (radiator). The primary reason for the coolant is to ensure there is no corrosion built up in your cooling system. Make sure it is topped up at each service and that the right type is used. The last thing you want is for your car’s cooling system to look like the surface of Mars.

4. Power it up

On a working day, just before an all-important meeting, the last thing you want is for your car to die on you. So at each service, ensure your battery health is checked and replace it the moment it feels like it is flailing because gambling on a weak battery is like playing Russian Roulette.

5. Systems check

Most service centres these days carry a systems check to ensure every electronic system on the car is functioning as it should. It’s a good way to carry out any maintenance without having to play the guessing game if there is any fault with the car.


These are vital checks that need to be carried out at every service maintenance. Ensuring each item or check is carried out as intended will ensure your car stays operational, as per your manufacturer’s standards for a long time.

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