One of the easiest ways you can wave goodbye to your ringgit is with bad motoring habits, something you do not want in this age of rising fuel costs. The amount of money you could potentially lose will be more horrifying than coming face-to-face with Pennywise the Clown. So here are some ways to avoid that kind of waste.

1. Harsh braking and acceleration

Most of our daily urban commute will involve traffic lights, heavy traffic, cross junctions and speed humps. Therefore, city driving involves a lot of braking and acceleration. Not accelerating like you’re auditioning for the next Fast and Furious installment means you will not have to brake in an equally harsh manner. Accelerating fast is not only pointless, it uses up unnecessary amounts of fuel. You will also wear off your brakes every time you kill the speed at the next speed hump or junction. Both are costs that can be avoided.

2. Unnecessary weight on car

Just like travelling, it pays to be light. A heavier car is like trying to run through KLIA 2 with nearly half your house packed in suitcases, you are going to pass out before reaching the gates. The fess weight carried around means less fuel, tyres and brakes used.

3. Driving with windows down

It’s nice to enjoy the fresh air outside but if you are on long journeys along the highway, you are better off with the windows shut. The basics of aerodynamics means there is more drag involved, equalling to more force needed to move. Nothing increases drag like driving with the windows down, so keep them closed at speed.

4. Wrong tyre pressure

Still on the subject of drag, the wrong tyre pressure on your car is like trying to complete the Spartan Run in the rubber boots used by your local butcher. Not only does doing this take a toll on your fuel bill, it also eats into your tyre expenditure due to uneven wear and needing you to change your tyres more frequently.

5. Not servicing car on time

Last but definitely not the least, a car that has not been serviced is also going to get costly in so many ways very quickly. In a nutshell, your car will go from moving like Usain Bolt to moving like a sloth. Timely service will ensure your car stays in optimum health and avoids high fuel consumption, or even worse, costly repairs.


These five tips will ensure your money stays with you for longer. Not only that, some of the tips will ensure the health and safety of your car, not to mention a more enjoyable motoring experience. To further enhance your cars health, download the MisterTyre app and our friendly technicians will help ensure your car runs at its best. The best part is, they come to you! So head on over to the Google Playstore or Apple ITunes to get the app today.