The fasting month of Ramadan can be hectic for not just our Muslim friends but for all Malaysians. There will be more to do at work and home to ensure everyone gets a well-deserved break during the Raya holidays. So it’s understandable that you could lose sight on essential car maintenance prior to the Hari Raya holidays which could foil your festive mood. How to avoid this? Here’s 5 things you should do to your car this Ramadan.


 1. Service

The first thing you would need to check this Ramadan is the service interval of your car. Your service interval is governed by time duration as well as mileage. If either one is close to the next service then we suggest you perform the service during Ramadan. It’s better to perform a service earlier than running past due.


2. Cooling system of your car

Malaysia’s weather really gives a workout to the mercury readings, so making sure your car’s cooling system is at good health is essential. Get a qualified technician to ensure that the car does not have any form of leaks and the water levels do not recede drastically. Nobody likes to camp at a crowded R&R due to an overheated ride during the balik-kampung drive.


 3. Tyre health check

Your tyre is the only thing that keeps the car connected to the road. So ensuring that they are in good health is essential. Make sure your car’s properly aligned and they have enough life left in them to last a to and fro drive to your hometown. Also make sure that your tyre pressure on all 4 plus spare tyre is in check.


4. Electrical system

Your car’s electrical system not only controls the engine and entertainment functions but also the lighting system too. Who would want to fumble in a dark cabin due to faulty electrics or have a busted headlamp while on the road, in rain, with the family on board? So get your lights, fuses and wiring checked, or things can get very ‘dark’ very quickly.


 5. Battery Health check

Last but not the least, your car’s battery must be ensured that its working in perfect condition. If your battery is showing signs that it’s on its last leg, get it changed immediately. Trust us, its no fun sitting at home with a stranded car that won’t start during Ramadan or even the Raya week, especially if your hometown’s battery is closed for the day.


Now the list may seem intimidating and time consuming, but fear not. Most of these checks can be performed at the comfort of your office or home by the MisterTyre team. Download their app and get your car’s tyres, engine and battery checked or even replaced. And you can do all this without having to run up and down to a conventional service center.