Most netizens have no clue why their still mechanical bound car requires regular service maintenance. As long as the car moves, it’s all right, that seems to be the rule of thumb for most residents of Klang Valley. Well a car that has not had its service carried out could lead to a whole lot of issues which could see the precious ringgits in your wallet fly away, potentially in the thousands. So why is it so important? Here are 5 simple reasons to justify why your car requires regular service maintenance.

 1. Fresh lube leads to happy internals

The engine oil that lubricates the internal moving parts of your engine degrades over time, and is changed during your service. Your engine will feel like it’s getting a hot oil treatment in a Balinese spa, rather than ‘nails on a chalkboard’ due to degraded oil that’s lost its viscosity.

 2. Breath

Like the Blu Cantrell song, your engine needs to breath. Your air filter for the engine and air conditioner has to deal with the dusty and hazy environment we have here, more so in the Klang Valley. These are cleaned or changed during your service to make sure that they perform at their best and don’t choke on you.

 3. Getting the vital signs checked

Like your annual medical check-up, your car needs a periodical check too. A good service centre uses an Electronic Diagnostic tool which is plugged into the car and that tool will be able to tell if all the systems are running in sync. Most importantly, this device avoids any guesswork, so you know exactly in what condition your car is running in. (suggest use mistertyre diagnostic tool pic)

 4. Offensive it’s the greatest defence

The best thing about using tools like the Diagnostic Tool during your vehicle service is that you can change parts before they fail completely. That way you won’t end up getting stranded with your favourite evening dress on the way to your best friend’s birthday party because your car broke down on you. In the rain, during rush hour.

 5. A follow up at a time goes a long way

Last but not least is the interval between services. Your service interval is determined by time and distance. So don’t go “but I just serviced this year what!” if you’re travelling from KL to Penang every fortnight for Nasi Kandar and Chendol. The more you drive your car, the more frequently you would need to service your ride. You can do this by just calling on the MisterTyre team to come to your doorstep. Just get the app today: