Vibration – that uncomfortable sensation that distracts you from your otherwise pleasurable drive in your pride and joy. What causes it? And how do you stop it? Here are five reasons your car could vibrate.


1. Loose mounts

Your engine and gearbox are held to your car’s body using metal mounts with rubber inserts. Over time, the rubber wears out and is unable to absorb bumps and vibrations from the engine and gearbox, causing the vibration to spread to the rest of the car.


2. Soft suspension

Your tyres are mounted to your car via suspension arms and links, which are made of metal with rubber components in them. When the rubber wears out, the vibration begins. Get them changed to new ones and your car will feel brand new again.


3. Spacers

For fans of Fast and Furious, your car might be fitted with big rims. A spacer is a metal disc that allows a wider rim to be installed on your wheel hub, which could cause of excessive vibration.


4. Lumpy tyres

A lump in your tyre, either on the contact patch or sidewall, could result in vibration over time. The lump could be caused by a defect in the tyre or going over a porthole too fast. Promptly replacing your tyre not only alleviates vibrations but can also prevent a blowout.


5. Tyre and rims combo

This is the issue we always correct during a wheel alignment and balancing visit. Your rims and tyres, upon fitting, will not necessarily be well balanced. This can be corrected by balancing a tyre and rim with a wheel balancer.


If you are puzzled about the causes of those nasty vibrations in your car, fear not. Book an appointment with the MisterTyre team and they will assist you on your car at a location of your choice. Download the app today and find out more.