In the previous article, we saw what it takes to change to a spare wheel in the event of a puncture. Although you can get a tyre changed within 30 minutes, it is troublesome and an incident best avoided. Here are some tips to minimize your risk of experiencing a puncture or blowout.


1. Construction / renovation sites

Most punctures are caused by metal objects such as nails, screws and bolts piercing through the tyre. As these items are commonly found on construction sites, avoiding such places is good for the safety of your tyres.


2. Hard shoulders

Most road debris are swept to the side of the road, so avoid driving on the innermost lane or hard shoulder for too long. Your tyre is less likely to encounter a nail when cruising down the fast lane at 90kph.


3. Derby Driving

Driving your car like you stole it could cause a blowout. This includes speeding over a pothole, rough tarmac, curb or even a speed hump. There’s only so much force your tyres can handle. Driving like you are part of a Hollywood stunt team will not make you cool but make you the star of a viral video – the unfortunate kind.


4. Pressure is pleasure

The right tyre pressure ensures that your tyre does not undergo unnecessary wear. Tyres whose pressure is not kept in check can result in unwanted strain and the built-up of heat, potentially leading to a blowout.


5. Threading well

Make sure your tyres have enough tread depth and are not worn down to the wires. When a tyre is so old that its radial wires are showing, you’re playing a game of Minesweeper each time you take your car out.


The steps to avoiding a blowout or puncture basically boil down to good driving practice. If you are unsure about the state of your tyres, employ a professional and skilled team such as MisterTyre to help you check that your tyres are in tip-top condition.

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