No matter what car you buy, no matter how good the reliability score is for the brand, it can all go south pretty quickly with poor maintenance. We are not saying that you would purposely ruin your car, but due to misguidance, you could subject yourself and your precious ride into a downwards spiral of expensive repairs. Here’s 5 things you should avoid doing to your car, ever!


 1. Bringing back the Groove

Regrooved tyres or 2nd hand tyres may be cheap as chips next to brand new tyres, but they are cheap for a reason. Those tyres are a ticking time bomb. They won’t grip as well, have uneven tread wear, which means it can never be perfectly balanced or aligned, and worst of all, they could fail without warning. Imagine driving at a steady 110km and one of your tyres decides it wants to be a party popper.


 2. Raising the Dead, Batteries

Some shady garages will offer cheap reconditioned batteries which will sound too good to be true. Well that’s because they are. Batteries have a designated lifespan for a reason, and you would not know what damages the batteries have sustained in the process of reviving them. These batteries can, in worst case scenarios, could turn your car from your trusty runabout into a roadside bonfire in no time.


 3. Wrong oil for wrong engines

Each engine has its own type of approved engine oil. Failing to use an engine oil of the required standard is like using the wrong type of shampoo for your head. Everything from less than smooth performance to complete engine failure could be the result of cutting corners on the type of oil used.


 4. Always meet the set standards

Along with engine oil, the wrong type of components or sub-standard components such as engine oil filter could cause premature engine failure. Always ensure that the parts you buy are specific to the make and model of your car, or else you will spend unnecessary amount of time and money in dodgy service centres.


 5. Bringing a knife to a gunfight

Modern cars come with a whole lot of electronics and they need to be updated periodically just like your smartphone. When you do not have the right diagnostic tool to update your car’s electronics, it could cause unwanted issues in the long run.


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