Do you get the feeling that after a while your car feels wooly at the wheel, it does not feel as stable as it first rolled out of the dealership and it tends to be skittish when there’s even a slight hint of moisture on the road?

The first thing we will blame is the car itself and its age, but did you know you can get that fresh-out-of-showroom feeling back to your car by performing a simple wheel alignment to your car? Here is how its achieved!

 1. Pointing the right way

Wheel alignment essentially means making sure the wheels are pointing the right way forward. Over time, the wheels do not point the intended direction due to potholes and bumps on the road, therefore making the feedback between wheel and driver feeling a little less precise. Once you get them pointing the right way, your car will be trekking true and straight.

 2. Getting a grip on things

When the wheels are pointing the right way, your tyres sits on the road in a manner in which it is intended to, meaning they have the maximum possible surface area or contact patch with the road. It’s like a mountaineer getting a firm grip on a ledge or foothold when scaling up a rock face, pure grip!

 3. Stop right now, thank you very much

It’s not the Spice Girls song, but we are talking about your braking performance. Once your wheels are aligned and pointing in the right direction, your brakes can work to its full potential. Better still, the car will not pull to one side under hard braking, thus ensuring better safety at the wheel.

 4. Aquaplaning

This is a scary scenario. When you hit a puddle of water at a certain speed, the car can skim the surface rather than cut through the water, cause the car to lose control. This is called aquaplaning. An unaligned car is more likely to experience this as since the tyres are not sitting on the road as intended, water cannot be channeled away from tyres effectively.

 5. Less wear on the tyre, therefore your wallet

When your car tyres are aligned, you use more of your tyres surface evenly. Therefore, you get the most of your tyre during its estimated lifespan. Misaligned tyres can cause uneven wear and therefore shorten your tyres lifespan.


Hopefully these five tips will convince you to ensure you get your car tyres regularly aligned and to get the most out of your set of rubber. If you need a reliable and convenient way to get your car’s tyre alignment done, download the MisterTyre app and arrange for an appointment. MisterTyre’s technicians would gladly to you to get your car sorted.