Holiday road trips or as Malaysians fondly refer to as the ‘balik kampung’ drive is fun for all walks of life, regardless if you’re driving out of town in a Porsche or a Perodua. The open road, the picturesque landscapes, the wonderful food, and the company of friends, it’s something we all look forward to while painfully typing documents to meet a dateline in some office cubicle in the urban jungle. However, a badly planned trip with a less than healthy vehicle can soon turn the road trip romance into a hellish nightmare. So here are 6 tips to ensure your sweet road trip dream does not get hurt.


1. Fail to Plan, and you plan to fail

First things first, make sure you plan your route. Regardless if it is your first time to a destination or its your regular routine drive, be sure to check for road works, road closure and traffic. A quick glance on apps like Google Maps or Waze will help you live info on the route you are looking to take, ensuring you don’t drive 100plus km in one direction just to discover the road’s closed.

2. Luck favours the prepared

To ensure you get your live feed on the road you’re taking, do have a mobile phone holder and a mobile charger in your car. Also vital is make sure you plan your fuel stops to make sure your fuel tank is always filled up and your bladder is emptied. A couple of drinking water bottles, a first aid kit, jumper cables, a tyre change kit and a flashlight are all basic things you could have in your car, which can be invaluable in emergencies.

3. Rubber keeps you safe

Your car interacts to the road via the small patch between the tyre and the road. So please ensure that your tyres are fresh, inflated to the right tyre pressure, and your wheel alignment and balancing are done as recent as possible. Also ensure your spare tyre is fully inflated and is in a usable condition. This will ensure your car and its occupants reach your destination safely without any nasty surprises.

4. Energize your battery

The last thing you want is for your car to break down on you in the middle of rural Malaysia, especially at night. A dead battery can leave you stranded just like this. So make sure your battery’s health is checked just before the journey.

5. Fluids are vital

Just as essential as your battery health, ensure that your cars vital fluids are up to date as well. This will include the engine oil, coolant, brake fluids etc. These fluids make sure that all the mechanical parts in your car move as they should. The decrease or complete lack of such fluids could lead to catastrophic damages. A proper service centre will be able to advise you on this.

6. Moving parts are moving in the right direction

A car has thousands of mechanical moving parts. So it would be a no brainer to ensure all mechanical parts are moving as they are designed. This includes drive shafts, brake systems, and engine internals. Once again a proper service centre will be able to alert you on any work required on your car.


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