Modern cars employ a whole lot of electronics to cater to the ever demanding needs of the driver and passenger. The drawback of more electronics is that the batteries have more work to do, and therefore they run out faster. Car batteries are not cheap therefore here are 5 tips to make sure that you maximize the juice in your car batteries before they burn a hole in your bank balance.


 1. Turn of the lights baby

Do not let your imagination run wild, we are talking about your front and rear fog lamps and any form of auxiliary lamps. Turning off your welcome lights or fog lamps when driving will lessen the load on your battery therefore extending its lifespan.


 2. Want to be starting something

The cars battery will drain out even if its left unused for a prolonged period. If you’re the type that takes the public transport to work daily (good on you!), then make sure your car’s started up every 2 days once. This allows the alternator in the car to charge up the car, thus ensuring it does not go flat.


 3. Pulling the plug can help

If you are the type who has to travel overseas very often, it will help if you could disconnect your car’s battery. This will make sure the car’s battery is not connected to any form of circuit. So when you do come back from a 14 hour flight and a nightmarish baggage collection queue, there’s no flat battery greeting you at the end of the day.


 4. No unnecessary modifications

Those who are inspired by the neon lights and big speakers of the Fast and Furious franchise, be advised that massive sound systems and auxiliary lighting will take a massive toll on your battery life. That is, assuming you do not upset your neighbours or the authorities with your OTT billboard on wheels modification.


 5. Regular check up

Like every other system, its best to get your battery checked regularly to ensure that you replace it well before its due. Nobody wants to be stranded due to a dead battery when you are about to get to an all important date or meeting.


A good service centre will be able to advise you on good battery preservation techniques. They will also be able to advise you on your battery life, just like how the MisterTyre team does for every customer that services with us. Download the app and book an appointment with the MisterTyre team and enjoy a hassle free motoring from the comfort of your home.