Buying a used car can help you beat the massive depreciation one has to bear when buying brand new. You could potentially save up to 40% of the car’s value depending on the age / type / brand of the car. However, buying 2nd hand could also open a can of worms that could get very costly. So, here’s a 6-step guide to buying 2nd hand.


1. Mileage

The cars mileage is the true measure of a cars age. Some cars could clock up to 120,000km in 3 years, while some would not have reached that mileage in 5 years. More mileage means more wear and tear so take note of that.


2. Year of Make / Registration

The year of registration may not necessarily be the same as the year of make. Year of make is important as various updates are made periodically by manufacturers to their cars. So, despite being 1 year apart, cars of similar model could differ in spec. Think of it like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.


3. Service records

This is proof to show that the car has been maintained well. Even a high mileage car can be a good buy if all the wear and tear items have been replaced recently, like a fully renovated house. It may be old but if you have proof that all the parts are up to date via the service records, the car could be a potential 2nd hand gold.


4. Accident Claims

This would be harder to verify but a must. Its impossible to find a car that’s 100% accident free. Minor fender benders are common thanks largely to careless road users who insist on uploading their insta story while driving in traffic at 80kph. However, if a car has had a large amount of accident claims its best to walk away since its quite tricky to verify the quality of the repair.


5. Interior Wear

A quick check of the interior will reveal a lot about the previous owner’s habits. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a badly mangled interior would equate to poor maintenance. Walk away from those.


6. Test drive it before purchase

The proof is in the pudding. Always make sure that you test the car before placing any amount of cash down. Regardless of whatever checks there may be, a quick drive will reveal the condition the car is in.


Its good to always have a mechanically savvy friend to follow along when buying a 2nd hand car. Once you do make your purchase though, get an expert team like the MisterTyre’s to look at it and replace the essentials like engine oil and tyres to make sure the car is road worthy. You can do this by downloading the app from either Google Playstore or Apple ITunes.