There are a couple of numbers you can see printed on the side of your tyre but do you know what they mean? Here are five things printed on the side of tyre that you need to know.

The first thing you will notice on your tyre is the brand, followed by a combination of numbers and alphabets such as 205/45ZR17.

1. Tyre width

The first 3 numbers show the width of your tyre in millimeters. In this case, it’s 205mm.

2. Tyre profile

The next two digits represent the thickness of the tyre or the profile aspect ratio (as a percentage of the tread width), between the road and the rim. The number 45 means the side of the tyre is 45% of 205mm.

3. Tyre diameter / rim size

The final two numbers after the alphabet R represents the diameter of the tyre, which is the same as the rims.

4. Speed Rating

The alphabet printed in the side of the tyre is the speed the tyre is rated to. Each alphabet from A – Z indicates the speed in which the tyre can safely operate, Z being the highest speed rating at over 150mph or 256kph.

5. Construction type

The letter before the wheel diameter represents the type of construction your tyre is made of. In this case it’s a radial tyre. This allows the tyre to not rely on an internal tube as fitted on heavy vehicles.

These are just the some of the information you can get from the side of your tyre. In the next post, we will dig deeper to reveal more about the type of tyre you have. Meanwhile, drop us a line via our Facebook or Instagram account or download our app for more information!