Your tyres are by far one of the most important things on your car. After all, they are the only parts of the car that are in direct contact with the road, all within patches the size of an A4 paper. Installing fresh tyres are not the only thing you need to do for your car, here are 5 ways to make sure you get the best from your fresh set of rubber.

1. Correct tyre pressure – Your tyre is made to run on a certain amount of air pressure. Not using the right tyre pressure can cause uneven wear

The correct tyre pressure for your car will be stated on either the door sills or on the inside of an open door. If you’re unsure, call your service center or ask our MisterTyre technicians to aid you. Knowing the right tyre pressure is just as important as your ATM pin number!

2. Alignment – Make sure your tyres are pointing in the right direction at all times.

Your car tyres might not be pointing straight and true like the day your car left the showroom. Periodic alignment checks are needed to ensure that your car tyres are pointing in the right direction. Otherwise, uneven wear will shorten your tyres’ lifespan considerably.

3. Rotating your tyres – You only use a portion of your tyre at any given time

Periodically, make sure all 4 tyres are changed in a ‘crisscross’ manner, where the rear left goes to the front right and vice versa. This is to make sure both the inner and outer part of your tyres are fully utilised.

4. Balancing – although perfectly round, when a tyre is placed on a rim, it might not be perfectly balanced.

Placing balancing weights on the wheel counters this problem. Balancing a wheel will ensure you do not feel any excessive vibration at the wheel that can cause further damage or cause for an uncomfortable drive.

5. Road surface – Make sure you understand the road surface you are commuting on and do not speed into every porthole you see on the road!

Due to heavy construction works around the Klang Valley, some roads can have less than ideal surface conditions. A hard hit through a porthole can cause damage to the tyre and rims, which could be costly. So driving at slower speeds on rough roads or near construction sites as well as in residential areas can really help to save you up to thousands of Ringgit in damages.

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