Just like vital fluids in our body like our blood, spleen, and morning dose of caffeine, our cars will also need to get their vital fluids checked periodically. If they were to decrease or deplete altogether, it could lead to severe damages on both your car and eventually your wallet. So what are the fluids do you have to take care of? Here’s 4 important ones.

1. Engine Oil

This is what keeps the inside of your engine running. There must be enough of it, and of course changed at the required interval. This allows the internals to move like clockwork with no unwanted rattles that could lead to a really expensive failure.

2. Coolant

Coolant is the liquid used in your cars cooling system. It’s mixed with distilled water and flows through your water pump and radiator to ensure your engine does not overheat. Coolant stops corrosion taking place within the cooling system, and help increase the boiling point of water. Therefore your cooling system components will last longer and it can handle more heat, especially during long drives.

3. Brake Fluid

Most of today’s cars use hydraulic braking systems. So they require brake fluid. In short, no brake fluid, no brakes, and so make sure this one’s always topped up. Always!

4. Gear Oil / Automatic Transmission Fluid

As the name implies, this is for your transmission, be it manual or automatic. Making sure they are at required levels and changed at the required interval will ensure there are no jerking or crunching sounds taking place inside your gearbox.


If this all sounds too Greek to you, or have you paranoid from driving, fear not. Leave the monitoring and maintenance to the experts like the MisterTyre team. Download their app today and let them come to your preferred location to inspect your car on site, so you can have a peaceful, hassle free motoring experience.