Balik kampung drives are not just a Malaysian tradition; it’s a key to unlock our childhood memories. Think about the lovely small towns, the countryside roads, the quaint villages. Its fuzzy feel good factor on wheels. However this dreamy euphoria can come crashing down very quickly and here’s how it can happen.


 1. Puncture

While enjoying your drive on the countryside you realize that your car is pulling one side and you sense a wobble on the steering wheel. You pull over and realize there’s a puncture on your car. This can be annoying but not the end of your journey. Make sure you pull over to a safe place before staring any work on your car. Ensuring you have a fully inflated spare wheel and the right tools can also be helpful. If your puncture takes place on the highway be sure to wait for the highway roadside assistance team to reach you.


 2. Overheating

The second scenario is even worst, because most of us do not realize it until it’s too late. Overheating due to a faulty cooling system will render your car immobile, so be sure to always keep an eye on the engine temperature gauge. It would be handy to keep a bottle or two of water in case of such an incident, where you could limp your way to the nearest R&R or town. You could also avoid from this whole scenario by checking your engine cooling system before setting off.


 3. Dead battery

Finally, the 3rd thing that could foil your balik kampung drive would be a dead battery. Your car would be showing tell-tale signs of a weak battery prior to it failing. Things like dimming headlamps, longer than usual crank time during starts are all hints of the impending failure. The easy way to get your batteries checked is by using a volt meter, which most professional car garages should have.


Just like the saying a stitch in time saves 9, you could avoid these scenarios by getting your car checked prior to setting off on your Balik Kampung drive this Raya. If you’re struggling to find time during this hectic Ramadan month to get your car checked then let the experts come to you. MisterTyre’s team of experienced technicians will be able to come to a location of your choice within the Klang Valley, even on weekends. Get them to check your tyre’s, battery and your car’s overall health so you can enjoy a peaceful, trouble-free drive this festive season!