Most Malaysians only look at monthly finance repayment figures when it comes to purchasing a new car. However there are a few other items that make up the running cost of the car.

So how much will it cost to keep a car running? Today, we indulge on some running cost of the luxury sports saloon that most of us lust after, the 2013 BMW F10 535i M Sport.


 1. The Car

This sleek super saloon from Germany packs Porsche-humbling performance from a turbocharged inline-6 3.0 engine. Yet on the outside and inside, the car cossets you with sumptuous leather and the latest of high tech creature comforts.

And since its skewered towards high performance motoring, it should be provided with the best products to ensure its continuous performance.


 2. The Tyres

The tyres in this BMW are staggered in size. This means the front tyres are narrower than the rear tyres, as the rear tyres have to cope with all 306bhp the engine puts out. The front tyres are 245/40/19 in size and the rear tyres are 275/35/19 in size.


 3. Options on MisterTyre

There’s a limited option for tyres in this size, and they are not exactly bargain basement in terms of pricing. The tyre prices range from RM 600 plus to almost RM 1300 for the fronts and RM 900 plus to almost RM 2000 for the rear per tyre.


 4. Our Choice

Since it’s a high performance car, it would require a high performance tyre. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them. Therefore we have chosen to go with the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE003. This tyre has received great reviews and performs well in both wet and dry conditions. They cost RM871 per tyre for the front and RM 1044 for the rear. That’s only RM3830 for a sports saloon with 19 inch rims.


 5. Engine Oil Change

Engine oil changes can also contribute significantly to the maintenance cost of a car, especially for a car with a big capacity engine like the BMW 535i. The 3 liter engine requires 6.5 liters of fully synthetic engine oil with the viscosity of 5W30 or better. MisterTyre’s app offers the high performance Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 has a viscosity of 0W30, and costs only RM327 for 4 liters. So for every oil change, you will need to get two of them, which comes to RM 654 excluding engine oil filter and drain plug.


The BMW 535i M Sport retailed at nearly RM500k when newly launched. Today, you could pick a pre-loved example for under RM 140,000. And with MisterTyre, you could save a lot of time and money in keeping your German Sports Saloon up to date!