It’s no secret that Malaysian’s love pickup trucks. From the time we locked our gaze on Marty McFly’s black pick-up truck from the Back to the Future movies, it was cool to have a high riding truck kitted out with big wheels and auxiliary lighting.

Not only that, thanks to rapid development rates and the erratic weather we are facing, it will be good to have a high riding, tough vehicle to endure some of our porthole riddled and flood prone roads. A pick-up truck sounds like a good solution.


The car

The darling of the local pickup scene has to be Ford Ranger. Thanks to its American cousin the Ford Raptor which comes with a Supercharged V8 engine, the Ford Ranger definitely the coolest pick-up truck in town. With 2013 cars starting off from RM 45,000 for a manual 2.2 XLT model, it’s got plenty of creature comfort and is capable on and off road.


The tyres

In XLT trim, the Ford Ranger comes with 255/70/16 inch tyres. It’s a high profile all-terrain tyre. This allows the car to find grip on loose and slippery surface without sacrificing on-road comfort. The 70 series side profile allows the tyre to take in the abuse of harsh surfaces without causing damage to the rims.


Options on MisterTyre

There are several options on the MisterTyre app that ranges from RM366 per tyre to RM619 per tyre. When considering tyres for off roaders, one has to look at a couple of factors. One would be road noise, as off road tyres that perform well in the mud can be noisy on road. Second would be load. The higher the load bearing capacity, the more items you can pile on the truck.


Our Choice

We chose the Toyo Open Country U/T, simply because despite having the lowest price, it had the same load capacity as the rivalling tyres and is rated at 190km/h, which only one other tyre in its class does. A full set of 4 tyres from the MisterTyre team will set you back RM1551.84 with GST. And for that price, you get wheel alignment and balancing and a 15 point vehicle health check done for you for no extra charges. Not bad for 16 inch tyres for a truck this size.

Download the MisterTyre app today and find out your car’s tyre pricing today!