Most Malaysians only look at monthly finance repayment figures when it comes to purchasing a new car. Some would ask about servicing figures but there are a few other items that make up the running cost of the car.

So how much does it actually cost to keep a car running? In this new segment, we will investigate the cost of performing various maintenance work on different cars via the MisterTyre app.

Today, we take a look at how much it will cost to replace four tyres for a 2011 BMW 320d M Sport (E90).

The car

Diesel cars carry a stigma among Malaysian motorists. The right example though, such as the 2011 E90 BMW 320d, would prove to be a reliable workhorse that overtakes like a bullet train yet achieve consumption figures that would embarrass a Myvi.

What does the size mean?

This car has a staggered tyre application, which means the front tyres are of a different size to the back ones. The front ones measure at 225/45/17 while the rear ones are a massive 255/40/17. This is needed when you are sending 380Nm of torque to the back wheels, which in layman’s terms means A LOT OF OVERTAKING POWER.

Options on MisterTyre

You will have to search for the tyre prices twice for this car on the app. Once for the front wheels, once for the back.

Front tyre options in the app range from RM274 for a piece of Hankook Ventus V2 right up to the ultra-high-performance Bridgestone RE050 which will cost in excess of RM1,000.

For the rear, the options from Continental range from RM928 to RM1,005. You could choose to lower the size a notch to 245/40/17 to a wider and cheaper range of tyres. The options now start from the RM 400 range.

Our Choice.

Since the BMW is oriented towards high-performance driving, it is good to give it the right type of tyres. The Bridgestone RE003 tyres provide excellent grip and have a high treadwear grade, allowing the tyres to last a while before requiring a new set.

Total Sum

A set of the front tyres will set you back RM942 before GST while the rear ones will cost you RM1,444 before GST. Alignment and balancing is included in the purchase, even if you are going for just a pair in this size.

The grand total is RM2,386 before GST for a set of four new tyres. While this might seem steep, bear in mind that this car retailed at almost RM300k brand new. If you do your homework, however, a secondhand car may cost as low as RM65,000.

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