Most Malaysians tend to look at monthly finance repayment figures only when it comes to purchasing a new car. Some tend to ask servicing figures but there are a few other items that make up the running cost of the car. So how much does it actually cost to keep a car running? In this new segment, we will investigate the cost of performing various maintenance work on different cars via the MisterTyre app.

Today, we see how much will it cost to replace 4 tyres for a 2012 Honda City.


The car

The Honda City is one of the more popular cars you see on the roads today. It’s a pretty good daily commuter with decent space, a pokey engine and is pretty economical to run. The highest spec cars came with 16-inch rims so be sure which size tyres your Honda City came with.


What does the size mean?

On the side of the tyre, there will be the numbers 185, which is the width of the tyre, 55, which is the side thickness relative to the width of the tyre, and 16, which is the diameter of the tyre in inches. How about that for a collection of numbers?


Options on MisterTyre

There are 7 brands to choose from in the MisterTyre App in this size, with prices ranging from RM188 per tyre to RM248. Every tyre info is provided within the app itself to help the user make their final choice and providing them the best prices.


Our Choice.

Since the Honda City in question here clocks a high mileage daily, the owner chose to opt for the Hankook Ventus V2. The tyre comes with a high treadwear count of 500, and it provides reasonable grip in the wet and dry. And it costs only RM188 per piece.


Total Sum

It costed the owner a total of RM797.12 after GST for 4 tyres. And since all 4 tyres were changed, alignment and balancing worth RM70 was also included. In conclusion, 4 brand new tyres for a Honda City with 16 inch rims could set you back almost RM1000. Thanks to MisterTyre, this owner had it changed for under RM800 without having to leave their doorstep.

Download the app today and find out how much you can save on your next service and maintenance bill with MisterTyre.