Holidays can be a joyous occasion, everyone getting that much needed break, spending precious time with family members or just a family of pets. However, with most businesses closed, it can be tricky if you need things done during this time. While we can’t help with most aspects of your life, we can provide 4 pointers to help you with your motoring experience during holiday seasons.

1. Inspect the general documents of your car

Make sure your documents like insurance, driver’s license, and road tax are up to date. Driving with no insurance can be dangerous and costly for you and other motorists. Not to mention the fact that you’d be breaking the law. You don’t want to be the one losing all their ang-pow money to the authorities do you?

2. Check your rollers to keep on rolling

The tyres I mean. Do get them checked to make sure there are no uneven wear on the inside part of the tyre, which could cause a blowout or even an accident. At which point you may be subjected to ‘holiday premiums’ by greedy garages.

3. Emergency contact numbers

Having a list of emergency contact numbers like your insurance hotline, your car’s service centre hotline will be helpful when travelling out of town. In the event of an emergency, you would know who to contact and not be stranded in the middle of nowhere hoping to send out smoke signals for help.

4. Perform a service with your trusted service centre

Do not wait till the last minute. A maintenance service prior to the holidays will help you ensure your car is in good health. Nobody would want to drive around in a car that is the motoring equivalent of a roulette table.


So here are 4 ways you can ensure that you do not get stranded this holiday season due to your car. 2 of these 4 tips are down to your own initiative. For everything else, download the MisterTyre app and get our highly skilled crew with their high-tech equipment to come to your preferred location. Let these experts handle the internal health of your car so you do not have to sweat about it.