In the age of rising living costs, a car can turn from a sweet dream come true to a costly nightmare. We tend to calculate the monthly finance installment and service costs as the only cost of ownership of a vehicle. But there are other costs that should be taken into consideration. Here are 5 things that will be the biggest contributors to the running cost of a car.


 1. Costly Rubber

Tyre cost can either make or break the ownership experience of a car. Some cars come with odd tyre sizes which are rare in the market. Unlike shoe sizes, the wider the tyres, despite being similar in diameter, the more costly it is going to be.


 2. Shocking battery price

As today cars come fully loaded with more and more electronics, frequent battery change could lead to an electrocuting ownership experience. It’s always good to know how much your battery will cost and how long it usually will last so you do not have any nasty shocks.


 3. When savings takes a Brake

Brake pads, along with brake discs are not covered under warranty. They can be costly to change so do get a heads up on how much it will cost and how long before you have to replace them. The latter usually depends on how aggressively you drive. So the lesser you riverdance on your brake pedal, the less frequently you change them


 4. Hidden Costs

It’s usually the things you cannot see that will spring the surprise running cost. Things like shock absorbers, engine mounting, and suspension arms can be very costly to replace for some cars. If you constantly drive on pothole ridden roads, be prepared to spend more.


 5. You pay for what Oil you get

Different cars will come with different servicing costs, this is due to the type of engine they use. Despite being similar in size, a turbocharged 1.6 liter engine will require a higher performance oil compared to a non-turbocharged 1.6 liter engine, which could result in higher servicing cost. Then there’s the size of the engine. Bigger the engine, the more engine oil is going to be required per service. So do not run amok on your service adviser, get the costs beforehand.


Here are some of the things you can look out when you consider buying a car. You could speak to the service representatives of said cars for detailed expenses. Or you can opt for the easy way and download the MisterTyre app and check for Tyre, Battery, and Servicing prices from the comfort of your home.