Maintaining a car can become a costly affair if one is not careful. And in today’s world of rising costs, every Ringgit saved is vital. Here is how you can save in a big way, by doing one thing only – checking the air pressure in your tyres!

Your tyres need a sufficient amount of air to be properly inflated in order to allow them to carry your car’s entire weight down the highway. Make sure you learn these few steps to save on your hard earned cash.

 1. A visit to the air pump is like visiting the fountain of youth for your tyres

The right amount of air pressure ensures the best performance and safety. Too little or too much air will cause uneven wear, either on the outside or center part of the tyre, rendering it useless well below its actual lifespan.

 2. Wrong type of air pressure can be such a drag

When your tyres are not inflated to the right pressure, it will produce excessive drag, causing you to floor the accelerator more than usual. This in turn will eat into your fuel bill.

 3. Failure could be an option

The specified tyre pressure is meant to aid the tyre in withstanding bumps on the road and to carry the load of the car’s weight. With incorrect tyre pressure, there will be an uneven spread of load on the tyre, essentially making it a ticking time bomb when travelling on poor road conditions. Not to mention, there could be other repairs needed should you suffer a tyre blowout such as rim damage, towing charges and an Uber ride home.


Therefore, make sure your tyres are properly inflated and always check them periodically. If you need more advice on tyre maintenance, drop us a message or download the MisterTyre app for more information.