Tyres can be the most critical component of a car. Regardless if it’s a humble econobox that is used to commute from point A to B, or some high tech super sports car worth millions of ringgit, tyre’s is the only contact point between the car and the road.

However, tyre’s can be costly to replace and can wear out faster than expected. One way to actually maximize your tyres life span is to rotate your tyres. Here’s how you can save RM1,000’s by a simple periodical tyre rotation.


 1. Avoid uneven wear

Your tyre may not necessarily wear in the same rate between your front and rear axles. In front wheel drive cars like the Perodua Myvi, Toyota Vios and Honda City, the front tyres wear out faster than the rear ones, since the engine weight and power is handled by the front wheels only. Therefore, switching the rear set to the front during a tyre rotation will help balance out the uneven wear.


 2. Using both ends of the tyre

Just like the uneven wear between the front and rear axle, most of the car’s weight rests on the inside part of the tyre. Therefore, the inside part of the tyre will experience more wear than the outside part. Once you rotate your wheels, the left wheel in the front will go to the rear right and the right front wheel will go to the rear left, and vice versa. This will allow for a more complete use of the tyres.


3. Detecting misalignment early

Getting your tyres rotated periodically will also help you detect signs of poor alignment. A car with poor alignment will cause the tyres to be completely worn out well before its actual life span. And at the average tyre price on a regular car starting at RM100’s that’s the last thing you want!


Rotating the tyres will help you save potentially RM1000’s as you get to use your tyres fully to their intended life span. Why simply waste money replacing tyres prematurely when you can afford one more quick island retreat? Be smart and get your rotate your tyres on time to make the max of them. Or just call the experts like MisterTyre and get them to advise you on when to rotate your tyres. After all you don’t have to run after them, they will come to you!