Shopping for tyres is just like shopping for shoes. You need the right type for the right occasion / usage. So, here’s a 4-step guide to help you find the right tyre for your car.


1. Tyre size

The most important thing, as mentioned is your tyre size. Just mentioning the rim size is not going to cut it so make sure you know the full size of your tyre, for example, 205/45/17. Search for these numbers that are printed on the side of your tyre.


2. Type of Vehicle

Different vehicles require different type of tyres. You wouldn’t wear your trainers for a cocktail party, would you? Likewise, an SUV will require a different type of tyre to a road car, so make sure it’s the right type of tyre.


3. Type of use

Do you clock a high amount of mileage in your daily commute? Then you will need a tyre that is durable with high threadwear. If you drive your car in a highland environment where rainfall can be plenty, make sure the tyre you choose is good for wet surfaces.


4. Type of packages offered

Do check what type of packages your garage offers. For instance, some will offer free alignment and balancing when changing all 4 tyres like MisterTyre, so make sure you get the best for your money.


In these trying times, its good to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money. Or you could just download the MisterTyre app and get all this done without having to set foot outside. Besides their extensive database of tyres in their app, the team comes to your location of choice to work on your car for no extra cost. Now that’s a darn good deal!