Engine oil change is a vital part of your car’s maintenance. Your engine oil provides lubrication and protection for all the internals in your engine. Think of it as the massage oil before a Balinese massage.


Over time your engine oil loses its viscosity due to the heat and strain of the engine. This causes your engine oil to lose its viscosity and properties. Not only that, it will cause unnecessary sludge build up in your engine. This will cause you RM100’s in extra monthly expenses. Here’s what leads to this scenario.


1. Bad Drinking habits

When your engine oil loses its viscosity over time, it loses its lubricating properties too. This increases the friction in your engine. Therefore more fuel will be used to propel the car at the same speed. With a fresh engine oil, your engine will have less friction and you will spend lesser at the fuel pump!


2. Keeping the spark going

In petrol engine’s your spark plug will come in direct contact with a tiny bit of engine oil. When the engine oil is due for a change, it becomes thick and almost sludge like. This will cause unwanted carbon build up inside your engine. That will shorten the lifespan of your spark plugs, requiring a more frequent change. Regular engine oil change helps preserve your spark plugs lifespan.


3. Saving on parts price

A fresh engine oil will help maintain your internal parts, gaskets, and other components. Prolonged usage of oil engine oil will cause unseen damages that, in worst case scenario, could cost over RM10,000 in repairs! Just like how a stitch in time saves nine, a regular engine oil change will help you have a headache free commute without a hefty bill.


Maintaining a car in a busy lifestyle is essential. A stalled car is no use when your life is moving at 100mph. However, that would be the very reason why you would find it hard to book an appointment with a service centre, head over there and spend half the day sorting out your ride. Of you could just download the MisterTyre app and they will come to a location of your choice to service your car. Be smart and download their app today!