Your car battery is more significant than you realize. It powers the countless electrical systems in your car, it helps you start your car and in some cases, even the access to your vehicle is governed by your car’s battery. So needless to say getting caught during the festive season with a dead car battery is a complete disaster, especially when most shops would be closed for the holidays. So how would you know if you’re battery is on its last leg?


 1. Watch out for signs

A weak battery will show tell-tale signs that it’s on its last leg. Here are some key symptoms of a weak battery

  • Starting takes longer than usual. A weak battery will not have enough juice to get your starter motor going therefore starting your car would not take place in one crank.
  • Dimming headlamps. On older cars you can notice that your battery is due for a replacement when the headlamps go dim when the car is on idle and they brighten up as you drive off.
  • Engine Check Light. It’s a scary prospect for most owners of modern cars. However the check engine light does not mean your engine is about to erupt like a volcano, it could be an indication that your battery is weak.


 2. Get it checked

Now rather than assuming that indeed the faults are due to a faulty battery, it’s good to get this verified with a professional. Get a proper service center to check your battery’s health condition. A qualified technician will have the right tool to check your batteries health condition and advise you on when you should actually replace your battery.


 3. Replace before setting off

If your battery life is on its last leg, do not gamble. Get it replaced as soon as possible before the holidays. The last thing you want is to carry the burden of a car that does not start during the holiday seasons. Not only will you have to potentially spend more for holiday labor rates, there’s also the chance that there won’t be any replacement batteries available.

So be smart and get your car checked prior to the Hari Raya Holidays. If you are struggling for time or you’re not sure where to seek help from, then engage the MisterTyre team. Their highly qualified team of technicians will come to a location of your choice within the Klang Valley, even on weekends to help you with your motoring needs. Download their app now and make a booking!