If you’ve ever wished your car’s servicing needs could be met at home or even at the office then here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for.

MisterTyre (M) Sdn Bhd has launched its first mobile application in Asia dedicated to tyre services. The company seeks to transform the Asean automotive aftermarket services by offering low prices and doorstep delivery services.

Founder and managing director Dennis Melka, who is also the co-founder of several start-ups TuneTalk and Nida Rooms, mentioned that it does not make sense for car owners to be wasting their time in tyre or service workshops.

“MisterTyre delivers this service to the customer at a location of their choosing via a simple-to-use mobile app which delivers unbeatable low prices,” said Melka.

With the MisterTyre mobile application, car owners are able to save more because they no longer need to shop at car servicing workshops and their tyres will be delivered to them on time directly from the manufacturer. The application can also track the location of the MisterTyre’s technician, even keep track of the tasks as he carries out the servicing.

Melka said car owners receive the privilege to choose from three tyre categories: value, mid range or premium out of the 23 global tyre brands.

“Unlike many retail stores which are affiliated with certain suppliers or wholesalers, MisterTyre is totally independent and this ensures customers receive the best pricing on all the leading brands from Europe, USA or Asia,” he added.

Melka has also ensured that the parts that car owners will purchase from the app will be genuine and able to fit perfectly to their car.

“Online tyre purchases have rapidly taken market share in Europe over the last decade through industry leaders such as Blackcircles and Etyres. In addition, mobile tyre service is fast becoming the industry standard in Europe through market leaders such as Tyres-on-the-Drive, KwikFit and Delticom,” he said.

In order to use the Mister Tyre online application, customers need to download the mobile application, and then use their phone number, Google or Facebook accounts to register.

After they have created their accounts, they need to select their vehicle model and make. Then, they would have to select what type of service they require, which is tyre, oil change and/or battery, and are then able to browse through the products on offer.

If customers choose to service or purchase their tyres, they would have to key in their tyre specifications, according to what is illustrated in the app and website. Finally, they would need to book a date and a time slot for them to service their car.

Melka said for now, MisterTyre’s services will only be offered in the Klang Valley. However, the company will be expanding their reach at the end of the year to Johor, Penang and Perak.

The app is currently available to Android users with the iOS version out very soon.