Car battery is expensive and yet an essential part of your car. The last thing you want is a car that refuses to start due to a dead battery, causing you to miss work, your kids to miss school, or worst, making your date wait in the car park while you desperately try to jump start your car. So how to tell if your car’s battery is weak? Here are 4 ways to find out:


1. Starting trouble

If your car takes a longer time than usual to crank it up then it could be due to a weak battery. On a fresh battery there will be enough power to allow the starter motor to crank your engine with ease. With a weak battery, there will be a lack of power which will require a couple of cranks before starting the engine.


2. Dim headlamps

On older cars you can actually realize that the headlamps are getting dimmer than usual. This will be very obvious when you rev your engine as the headlamps get brighter as your engine spins faster. This could be signs of your car requiring a new battery.


3. Dimming interior lights

Same as the headlamps, your interior lights will also start to dim on some cars, getting brighter as the engine spins faster. This is because the power from the battery is not sufficient to ensure enough supply to power up all the lights.


4. Engine warning light

On modern cars, the engine warning light or engine check light will come on. When this happens, do not panic. The warning light not necessarily mean a broken engine or anything major, it could be a simple issue of a weak battery.


If you have these tell-tale signs, its best to get your car checked by a trained technician to verify if your battery will require replacement. The easier way would be to get the MisterTyres team to check your car. Book any service from them and as part of their 15-point vehicle health check, they will test your battery to ensure that it’s at optimum working condition. Download their app today!