This time in this particular write-up we will be discussing and focusing one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle, and that is its battery; how to protect it this summer or let’s just say throughout the year for our country, Malaysia.

Sweltering summers are very dangerous for the battery of a car and if not taken proper care, it might lose its life energy drastically. Below, are 4 basic tips one can use to protect car’s battery in summer.

  1. Keep the battery cool: One of the essential things to secure vehicle’s battery is to keep it cool—which means try to park your car under shade whenever possible, instead of keeping it exposed to sun beams. Because of hot temperature and warmth the synthetic response in the battery gets quick, which isn’t useful for battery’s life, so always try to keep it cool as much as possible. Moreover, in the event that you are using an older battery than there are higher odds of battery failure because of the scorching heat, and we know nobody wants to get stuck in a situation like this so keep the battery cool and under shade at all time.
  2. Turn off any electronic equipment in car: Always remember to turn off all of the appliances, when leaving the car such as audio system and air-con system and etc. It will help the battery and give more time to discharge which in turn is really good for battery’s life in the long run.
  3. Inspect the battery on regular basis: Check the car battery routinely to make sure that it is attached firmly and if not, do it the correct way. In addition, in the inspection process, in the event that you see that the battery has been harmed in any capacity go directly to the workshop and get it checked to avoid from any battery failure on a sweltering summer day. Furthermore, clean the terminals of the battery on the regular basis.
  4. Look at water level inside the battery: Inspect every cell of the battery, and check whether the liquid level in them is low in the event that it is low, top it off with refined water. It is prescribed not to utilise tap water or overfill them. By doing this, you can save your battery in summers and also increase its life, which means you save car maintenance cost in the long run.

It is a typical perception that battery break down in winter is quicker than in summer; be that as it may, this thought is totally off-base. Sweltering climates diminishes the life of battery faster than winters. Thus, it is advised not to trifle with summers and take the important measures to protect the battery in summer.

That is it from our side if you guys have any suggestions regarding how to protect car battery in summers, mention them in the comments section below.