As the prices of petroleum products keep increasing time to time. Now, following the birth of a new government, Malaysia has stabilised the petrol prices for now, with fuel subsidies expected to be announced. However, the mechanics of this has yet to be confirmed. Although prices at pump has remained the same since end of March 2018, the global crude oil price has increased to US74.51 per barrel at the end of May 2018. The crude oil price was at US68.63 per barrel at the end of March. This means the government has been subsidising the petrol for everyone in the country. However, with targeted fuel subsidy potentially in the works, we are unsure of how it will financially impact our wallets. As of now the petrol is priced at MYR 2.20 per litre. So, we decided to provide you guys with simple tips to increase the fuel economy of your car and to save your money.

The main basic tip is that abstain from braking and increasing speed brutally while driving the car, as it puts additional pressure on the car engine, which prompts consumption of 30% more fuel. Thus, in the event that you need to save both your cash and fuel stay away from harshly speeding up and braking.

Moving onwards, always remember to put your vehicle in right gear while at the same time driving at a specific speed as it will save your fuel exponentially. It is seen that individuals while driving the car utilise wrong gear, which prompts excess fuel consumption, despite what might be expected, in the event that one is applying the gears by the book or as suggested by the manufacturer they will have the capacity to save up to 15% of your fuel. Turn off all the electrical equipment if not required/not being used such as air-con, audio system and etc.

The fundamental thing that individuals ignore is the air present in the tyres. The inappropriate air in tyres converts into engine working more, which is another reason the car consumes more fuel giving less mileage to its user. Continuously inflate your tyres appropriately as it will save around 3% of your general fuel. Manufacturers likewise make tyre with low resistance, which requires less engine capacity to move them along the street. Less power implies less fuel consumption, so make sure to use low resistance tyres. Over this, use recommended engine oils for gas and diesel cars.

Make sure to change the air filter and spark plug on right time and abstain from over-burdening the car. Besides, shun flooring it and keep it 10-15 km/h under as far as possible while driving on highways, it will save fuel by up to 20%. Moreover, keep your vehicle’s wheel-alignment within manufacturer’s predetermined specified limits as misalignment can make additional load on the engine to turn the wheels.

Additionally, as the scorching heat wave is prevailing across the country, use A/C on highways instead of opening the window of the car to let the air in. Open windows at high speeds mean more air resistance. Keep the windows rolled up and use the A/C instead.

We hope these tips be of use to you guys, feel free to drop what tips you people have in mind in the comments box below.