We have mentioned many times about the importance of replacing your engine oil on time, and the importance of using the right type of engine oil. But why is the engine oil given such importance in the maintenance of your car? Here are 4 important functions of the engine oil.


 1. Making sure all things run smooth

The most obvious purpose of the engine oil is ensuring all your internal engine components run smoothly and last for a long time. Friction can cause catastrophic engine failures and would require a new engine. Its this oil that makes sure your engine runs trouble free for thousands of km.


 2. Protect and serve

Like the men in blue, the engine oil also protects your moving components. Your engine operates at very high temperatures and high speeds. Mixtures and additives in the engine oil will ensure that your internal components do not fail due to the extremities.


 3. Keeping cool at all times

Your engine oil also helps maintain a regulated temperature in your engine, more so in high performance engines. Some cars come equipped with additional oil coolers to ensure that the heat generated from your engine running in our scorching weather is kept cool.


 4. Cleaning

This is going to sound very nerdy. Variosu engine oil come with different manufacturers code, which is specific to selected engines and selected manufacturers. Think of them as similar brand shampoos but specific to various applications like anti-dandruff, moisturizers, anti-hair loss etc. The right type of engine oil for the right type of engine will ensure its long term health and internal cleanliness.


Your engine oil serves all these functions in your cars engine. Over time the engine oil degrades and loses its properties. Therefore periodical oil change with the right type of oil is required to ensure that your car performs flawlessly. Or do it the easy way and download the MisterTyre app and let the experts handle this from the comfort of your mobile phone.