We have all been there. Crank the car and all you get is the starter barely moving the engine. Worst still, your dashboard that lights up like Merdeka Day fireworks is now dark like KL city during Earth Hour. Its not a nice feeling, especially if the place you got stranded looks like the back alley of Gotham City.

Do not panic, luck favors the prepared. Here’s a couple of things you can do if your car suffers from a dead battery.


1. Push Start

If your car has a manual transmission, all is not lost. You still can get going if you performed a jump start. Here’s what you do. Have a couple of friends to push your car while you sit inside. Put the car in 2nd gear and hold the clutch. When the car hits a reasonable speed release the clutch and your car will come alive!


2. Jump Start

Push start is reserved for manual cars only. Also if you’re stranded alone with no one to help you push your car it’s pointless too. If you are in such a predicament, you can always perform a jump start. Basically you connect your car’s battery to another working cars battery. One cable should go from one positive terminal to the other positive terminal, and vice versa for the negative terminal. Some cars will have points for you to clip your jumper cable to so make sure you break out the instruction manuals for both cars. With the donor car started, you will be able to start your car, and be on your way.


3. Revive another day

If you do not have a donor car, or jumper cables, the easiest way to recover your car is to call any roadside assistance services. It could be from the highway patrol, your insurance provider, your car’s dealer or a specialist service provider like MisterTyre. Best to lock your car in a secured place, and wait for help to arrive. These guys are more than capable of helping you get back on track!


Getting stranded due to a dead battery is not a fun experience. You could perform your own ‘first-aid’ on your car in the form of jump starting or push starting to get your car going. Or you can play it safe by just securing your car and waiting for the experts like MisterTyre to handle the situation. Download the MisterTyre App now!