Breaking down is not a fun experience. You panic, you feel helpless, you’re vulnerable to danger, not to mention be the cause of that day’s traffic crawl thanks to nosy onlookers. If you do experience a breakdown while driving, here are 4 steps to ensure you do not put yourself in too much of a stress.


1. Turn on your Hazards

If you feel your car is spluttering to a halt, the first thing you should do is put your hazard lights on. This alerts other motorists around you so they will not be caught off guard once you splutter to a halt.


2. Move to the hard shoulder

The best course of action when you realize that your car is about to break down, is to slow down and move over to the hard shoulder / emergency lane. DO NOT PANIC and veer into the left lane, but put on your left indicator and move gently to the left.


3. Emergency numbers

Its good to have a couple of emergency assistance numbers in your car. Two people you could call for roadside assistance is either your vehicles roadside assist team, or your vehicles insurance provider. Both typically employ a 24-hour hotline system that covers most of the Klang Valley, so rest assured you will be in good hands.


4. Get out of the vehicle

While waiting for the roadside assistance crew, its best to get out of the car and wait behind the barrier of the road. A stationary car is a hazard so being in one next to a highway with speeding vehicles is not the best idea.


These tips will help you stay safe during a breakdown. Quick thinking can be a life saver so be sure to remember these tips if in case you are unfortunate to suffer a breakdown. Or even better, why don’t you get the MisterTyre app today. Book a slot now and the MisterTyre team will be there at your doorstep. Simple and easy, as you get your car checked before heading out on your trip.